A football game… (Article)

Setting goals in life is really crucial. You obviously need something to go after in life. But, is it necessary to always focus on the goal? Suppose you play a football game. You have the ball, close to your goal. You cannot directly shoot the ball at once into the opponent's goal, it won't reach... Continue Reading →

Why do I write?

It has been almost 7 months since I have been writing various types of posts on WordPress; and today I asked myself, "Why do I write?" I guess I'll answer that in three points: I feel that when you are thinking of what you should write next is the best part of writing (or blogging).... Continue Reading →

Thank you all readers!!!

On Sunday January 5, 2020, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on The world of words. That's pretty awesome, well done!Most Likes in One DayCurrent Record: 20Old Record: 19 Thank you everyone for your likes and support. The day ended with 27 likes in total!!! That is... Continue Reading →

Stress… (Article)

Stress is not to be feared of. Yes, it can cause great harm to a person in life, but only if you interpret it in a wrong way. If you take stress positively, it will certainly increase your efficiency. To take a simple example, two people go for trekking. While one might say ," Oh... Continue Reading →

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