What every parent wants… Chapter-1 ( Long story)

Introduction: This book tells us about the endless love of every parent for his/her kid despite of the increasing number of evils in the society. Parents always keep their children's happiness before their own, and that is what this story shall convey.I hope everyone enjoys and likes the story. The stranger came early in November,... Continue Reading →

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The crossword of life… (article)

Have a look at the crossword puzzle below. There are a total of 8 words to be found. The name assigned to the following crossword is ‘life’, for a fact. HPRESSUREOOBNOXIOUSTMSTRESSFYHSGIRRITATETENSIONHFSISOLATIONQTYVIOLENCEEIEVILPTRP Easy to find? Weren’t they? 8 words in all, one word in each row. What were those? Probably, they were ‘pressure’, ‘obnoxious’, ‘stress’, ‘irritate’,... Continue Reading →

The exam…(Melody of 100 words)

A university once conducted an exam of 200 students from each college in a state to pull out the most practical and non- theoretical student in the area. The rules of this exam were quite different though. A week before the exam, all the students were told that there would be just one question to... Continue Reading →

God planted a tree… (Melody of 100 words)

God once wanted to reap a sweet fruit named ‘humanity’. So, he sowed a seed named ‘human’. But he never knew that his tree would develop several branches like ‘Hindu’, ‘Muslim’, ‘Sikh’ etc. He could not obtain the fruit ‘humanity’. But he still waters the roots of ‘humanity’, hoping that the branches change to 'humans'... Continue Reading →

Let my gratitude spread… (poem)

When the teacher shouts to get the noise of the class under control, My ears remain stuck to the showers of lord’s bliss, The soft sound of the showers seep deep into my soul, And my emotions start going out of control, I fail to let my sentiments dismiss. And some memories seep through my... Continue Reading →

5 Rupees Due … Final Chapter

Ananya and Ishant had just been talking about the paper caterpillar they made with Siddharth when they were younger as a symbol of their friendship. But just then their eyes caught sight of the men walking in. They shouted at all the people to give them all the money they had, and scared them with... Continue Reading →

5 rupees due… Chapter:2

“5 rupees less? Blue beetle gang? What are you saying?” a surprised Ananya said. The man kept gazing at her and said with a big smile, “Yes, indeed, Ananya. I am the co- leader, as you yourself called me, of the blue beetle gang.” Ananya’s anger slowly started to sink into the sea of the... Continue Reading →

Technology shall criticize itself… (snippet)

One such day is not too far when the human race shall discover a gadget capable of making it possible for objects like tables, trees, and soil to speak and express their feelings. And that would probably be the day on earth when technology shall criticize itself...

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